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About Africa Mining & Metals Group

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About Our Company

Africa Mining and Metals Group (“AMMG”) presents financiers the opportunity to take a strategic role in the development of “Minerals of the Future” on the African continent, led by proven African business leaders and powered by attractive assets.

AMMG invests, owns, aggregates and operates low-cost and near-term cash-generating assets to build a profitable and high return on investment portfolio for our investors and all our stakeholders through shared value.

We either acquire and operate target assets or take an influential equity interest in companies that seek support for: operational and business leadership excellence, growth capital, balance sheet optimisation, business development and/or organic growth strategy implementation.

Our core commodity focus is Gold and Battery Minerals. Gold is a consistent value performer, a hedge against cyclical markets and a renowned store of wealth. Battery Minerals are critical drivers of the global initiative for clean energy and vehicle electrification and offer fast market growth and significant beneficiation opportunities.

In addition, AMMG participates opportunistically in specific infrastructure commodities essential to African development and tightly-aligned with the deep expertise and experience of our team.

AMMG offers exceptional investor opportunities including the potential to launch an IPO in an appropriate jurisdiction if and when appropriate.

AMMG’s Distinctive Characteristics:

Belief in an “Owner-Operator Model” and “Hands-on Collaboration” to most effectively leverage our team’s technical and operations expertise and experience to create wealth, maximize value and manage risks.

Business leaders who have extensive and global expertise in geology, mining, processing, infrastructure, finance, strategy, restructuring, turnarounds, advisory services, and social development with a track record of removing complexity and concluding transactions in an expeditious manner.

Deep African roots with global reach, having developed professional networks, experience and expertise at the highest international level. We are qualified as an international player as much as a local entity for national indigenisation credits.